Our bakery offers both sweet and salty. Everything from creamy cream cakes to savoury sandwich cakes and sandwiches.

Sandwich cakes

We offer either a classic sandwich cake or an Italian sandwich cake.

Our classic sandwich cake is filled with lagym salad and egg mayonnaise, dressed in crushed cheese bows and decorated with shrimp, ham, cheese and dill.

We must have your service at least one week before the desired delivery date.

Lactose/gluten-free/vegetarian is available with a supplement of 20:- per piece.

Bit 79
:-15 bit cake: 720:
-12 bit cake: 675:
-10 bit cake: 625:-


Our hearty sandwiches are perfect as a more hearty meeting snack, breakfast sandwich or light lunch.

  • Shrimp sandwich 89:-
  • Skagensandwich 79:-
  • Salami and brimacka 79:-
  • Chicken/curry sandwich 79
  • Cheese and ham sandwich 49:-

Dessert cakes

We offer the following sweet cakes. The cakes are made only as ten piece cakes and cost 319:- st

  • Classic cream cake (Cream, berry compote, vanilla cream, sponge cake base)
  • Almond cake (Almond bottoms, buttercream)
  • Carrot cake (Carrot cake bottoms, browned buttercream)