Welcome to Burträsk Inn

Located in a stately villa from the 19th century in the centre of Burträsk you will find Burträsk Inn. Since the 1970s, the inn has served as a meeting place and continues to this day.

Burträsk is a small town but with many driven entrepreneurs and many companies working both internationally and nationally.

The inn is in many ways the heart of the area and offers good, well-cooked food and accommodation with hotel standards.

For the visitor there is an environment rich in nature experiences and activities, ranging from folk music festivals to snowmobile races.

Burträsk is also known for its dairy, which is the only one in the world that gets to manufacture the famous cheese Västerbottenost. Västerbottensost visitor center is well worth a visit if you are in Burträsk.

Our vision is that Burträsk Inn will offer both loyal customers and visitors on transit good accommodation and good food in a lovely inn environment!